Dot Dat Club is a collection designed to give users a special experience through the XRUGK community.

Artwork from the collection may be freely used by users for non-commercial purposes only.

In particular, there are no special restrictions when using it as a profile picture.

For commercial use, please contact Xrugk using the Contact Us form with your plans.

No special permission is required for use in the media. For media use, please include a link to "" in an easily recognizable spot, and feel free to use the artwork, etc.


You can use this press kit to get DOT DAT CLUB on your site and in the media.

Prohibited Acts

DOT DAT CLUB prohibits the following actions

1. Verbal abuse or insulting behavior towards specific people

2. Unauthorized acquisition of user information, taking away tokens, etc.

3. Malicious use of artwork (e.g., copying collections)

4. Directing users to other communities within the XRUGK community (except when permitted)

5. Any other behavior that interferes with the normal operation of the community